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Last year, Luminor came out with a service that allowed Estonian Shopify e-stores to accept bank payments. Initially, we were relatively critical of Luminor’s service because the view of choosing this payment method was unfamiliar to customers. You can read about last year’s solution and comparison with other service providers here.

At the moment, I find the choice of Luminor’s payment method much clearer and cleaner compared to other service providers. It is mainly noticeable that the customer is not asked for annoying additional data, as in the case of the Maksekeskus and Paysera.

The following pictures have been taken from the Shopify e-store, which uses the Luminor payment gateway as its main payment service provider.

Shopify makseviisi valik
Payment service provider selection in the Shopify purchase view.
Bank selection in Luminor landing page
  • You can read more about the portal on Luminor’s website
  • Instructions for installing the payment method in Shopify can be found here
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