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Delivery to pick-up points and lockers Shopify app allows the merchant to offer delivery to parcel lockers and pick-up locations in their Shopify e-shop.

  • Omniva parcel lockers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • Omniva post offices in Estonia
  • Itella SmartPost in Estonia
  • Post (Itella) parcel lockers and post offices in Finland
  • DPD pick-up locations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • Matkahuolto locations in Finland
  • LPexpress in Lithuania
  • Venipak pick-up locations in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

We are constantly developing the app, adding new suppliers and making the user experience more convenient.

Our app is available in the official Shopify app store. Shopify store

Casperlux came to us with the idea of creating an e-shop where customers could order unique home t-shirts and sweaters. We discussed and thought hard about how to create the easiest possible shopping journey.

Finally, we decided in favor of the ready-made Shopify app, which allows the customer to type in the name of the place of residence in the product view and at the same time immediately shows the final result as an example.

One of the goals of the e-store were also to offer products to tourists, so English was chosen as the main language and we added the Estonian language view with the help of Translation Lab app.

Watch the video to see how the customer chooses the right size for the sweater and adds the name of their home place. In the video, you can see that the selected size and the added name are saved to the product during the purchase process and can be seen later in the order.

We also added needed payment methods in the Casperlux e-shop and with the help of the Parcely app configured delivery methods to parcel lockers. We brought the e-store in compliance with the GDPR rules and changed the design of the user interface as expected. Of course, we also did basic SEO settings and added general automated notifications. Shopify store

We are helping Airpatrol to conquer the world.

They had been running their e-shop on the Shopify platform for a long time but needed help expanding into new markets. We made their e-store multilingual and added currency and language targeting based on geo location.

We also developed a separate e-store for the Airpatrol team, which helps them make their products more visible on Amazon and direct customers between different environments and measure the effectiveness of different marketing channels.

The default functionality in Shopify does not include creating a multilingual website so we used the Multi Lingo app to achieve this

airpatrol Shopify store

The owner of Brandsgroup asked for our help in updating the design of the e-store so that it would be more understandable to the customer.

We used Shopify’s own free Brooklyn template as the basis for the new user interface, which fulfilled all the set goals and leaves room for future ideas with its flexibility.

Based on the target group of the e-store, we also added a currency exchange option to the website so that the customer could see the prices of the products in a more familiar currency. Shopify store sells, as the name suggests, 47 and larger shoes for men. The merchant had previously created a website but the purchase functionality was turned off. We set up everything they needed for customers to make purchases on the website.

We entered the missing product information and created sub-products so that the customer could immediately choose the right shoe size when buying. We imported product prices, sales prices, stock quantities and other necessary information from Excel files.

47up mobile


We added the Maksekeskus payment gateway app to enable payment with Estonian bank links and set up Omniva, DPD and SmartPost delivery to Estonian parcel machines and courier delivery with the help of the Parcely app.

Of course, we also brought the e-shop in line with GDPR rules. To do this, we extended the default functionality of Shopify with a nice and flexible app.

As the second major change, in addition to opening an e-store, 47up wanted to replace its current cash register software with Shopify POS.

We set up the Shopify POS according to their needs and it is now used in all situations where the customer wants to buy the product on site. 47up uses it, for example, in its Showroom and Pop-up stores.

47up pos

Metallsisustus Shopify store

The aim of the work was to migrate the e-shop from the Magento platform to the Shopify platform.

In the previous Magento based e-shop software, the products could only be viewed ordered by e-mail, there was no immediate purchase option. We installed configured Maksekeskus payment gateway to the new e-shop, which allows payment of bank links and credit cards. Of course, invoice payment was also set up, which is especially important for business customers and allows the customer to easily make a bank transfer manually.

We chose Shopify’s one of the most legendary Debut templates, as the base template for the user interface. This template is convenient to configure as needed, and since it is Shopify’s own template, you definitely don’t have to worry about code issues.

We also made the needed changes required by GDPR and the necessary terms checkbox. We set up Google Analytics and configured the sitemap to be indexed through the Google search console. We also helped by adding Estonian translations.

In conclusion, we did everything necessary to get started with the store on the Shopify platform. 🙂 Shopify store

Sarm desktop is a very simple e-shop, but it helps folk dance groups to choose the right shoes with ease.

Once the selection has been made, you can come and complete the purchase through Shopify POS.

Of course, the site also has all the contacts to ask all needed questions and make a reservation in advance.

Beauty Republic Shopify store & Erply integration

The aim of the project was to migrate the e-shop from the Shoproller platform to the Shopify platform.

Shopify offers now a solution for creating a multilingual e-shop out of the box, but we still used the Translation Lab app to enter translations.

Merchant used Erlpy as an ERP system with Shoproller and wanted to continue using it also with Shopify. In order to archive it, we used a Shopify app which is created by Erply itself. Erply sends all necessary product data (name, description, stock, prices), to Shopify and orders created by Shopify are automatically transferred back to Erply.

To manage delivery methods, we used our own Parcely app, which offers Omniva and Itella parcel locker options in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland in this e-shop and forwards orders information directly to Omniva and Smartpost.

As a payment service provider, the merchant continued to use Paysera payment gateway services.

Of course, we made sure that the e-shop complied with the GDPR rules and the requirements of the payment service provider.

We redirected the domains, added the necessary redirects to the old e-store URL, linked the sitemap to the Google search console, and configured Google Analytics. Shopify store

The e-shop used to operate successfully on the Voog platform for years, but in 2020 it decided to migrate to Shopify. The main reasons for the move were Voog’s low e-store functionality and too uncomfortable product management functionality, especially with regard to products with variations.

There were three main priorities for creating a new e-store:

  • The user-friendly store theme for mobile and larger screens.
  • Simple, but capable e-store administration environment.
  • Automatic transfer of e-store data to various social media channels.

As operates not only in the Estonian market but also in neighboring countries, we added an English language view using the Translation Lab app.

To manage delivery methods, we used our own Parcely app, which offers Omniva and Itella parcel locker location options in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland in this e-shop and forwards order information directly to Omniva and Smartpost self-service systems.

We redirected the domains, added the necessary redirects to the old e-store URLs, linked the sitemap to the Google search console, and configured Google Analytics.

Whole Wood Cabins Shopify store was using the Shoproller platform for a long time on, but the look of the e-store there was outdated and the mobile version of the page was clumsy. Our task was to migrate the store to Shopify and to give it a fresh look.

This e-shop is targeted and operates mainly in the US market. Thanks to this, the whole page was built according to the requirements and wishes of the consumers there.

The customer of the e-store uses this site mainly to get acquainted with a specific product and compare the offers of competitors.

The site was created with a focus on key selling points and emphasis on ease of contacting the Wholewoodcabins team via email or phone.

The main wishes of the e-store owner were to create an e-store that meets modern standards and has the simplest possible e-store administrative environment.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for help or advice on your Shopify store.