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Shopify released an update a few days ago and now all Shopify merchants can translate the URLs of  their e-store Products, Collections, Pages and Blog posts. More specifically, the slug/handle part of the URL can now be changed in any language which means the part of the URL after the last “/” (slash) can be translated.

Examples of translate URL slugs

Here are some example URLs from a store where English is the default language and Spanis is an extra language. 

Blog posts:

Its important to remember that you can translate only slug part of the URL and the words “Products”, “Collections”, “Pages”, “Blogs” will always stay the same even if default language is not English. 

How to translate Shopify URL handle?

Check the following video this see how URLi handle translation option can be found from Shopify’s free translation app  Translate & Adapt

If they haven’t already, all other popular Shopify translation apps will add this functionality soon.

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