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We have been developing e-commerce sites for years now and to our surprise, there are still a considerable amount of people who are using outdated browsers. You might receive strange emails from them where they point out that your site is not working properly or they are not finding needed buttons. 

Browser version not supporting JavaScript

If you are getting following comments about your website then our Old Browser Blocker app will help you with it. 

I can’t customize my t-shirt in your store, seems like your site is just not working at the moment. 

We made this app out of our own necessity because some of the apps, that we use when we are building stores for customers, only work with modern browser versions. 

Problems with specific browsers

Some Shopify sites have problems with a specific browser that merchants would like to block for customers. For example, some of our Old Browser Blocker app users have reported that they are using it to direct customers away from Firefox because there are constant problems with captcha loading.

Many stores have used our app for a short amount of time to hotfix some browser-related problems until their dev team have enough time to fix the actual root cause of the problem in the theme. 

Old Browser Blocker app is almost free

We decided to offer the Old Browser Blocker app almost for free (only 1$/month) because its’s so small and simple app. At the same time, 1$ helps us to cover the upkeep and maintenance costs. 

I hope you enjoy or solution for the annoying browser compatibility issue.

Feel free to contact us at with any further questions about the app. 

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