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There can be multiple approaches when it comes to new customer marketing strategies via discount code. That’s why Shopify offers different ways to define a group for new customers. 

in one of our previous articles, we wrote about how to create customer groups and set a percentage discount for it and got many questions regarding different ways to create discount codes for customers who never ordered anything yet. 

In this article, we are going to go through the most common new ways to create a group for new customers.

Shopify default new customers group definition problem

Every Shopify store comes with a pre-configured customer group called “New”. It might be a little bit confusing for some merchants because under this group filter you might also see customers who have registered already some time ago. 

Problem is that this group just filters out customers who have never ordered anything from your store. At the same time maybe they registered for your newsletter already many months ago or maybe they left your store in the middle of the checkout process. 

Basically, this group should be named “Customer who never placed an order” not “New”. 

This video will show how to find Shopify’s default new customer group.

How to create group with completely new customers it

Many merchants would like to plan their new customer marketing campaign differently and target people who would be actual new customers, basically to people who have never entered their personal data into the store before. 

Check the following video to see how to filter customers to a group that would include only new people. 

The whole trick lays behind selecting the right date after when the customer entered data into your site. 

Did you notice that Shopify selected automatically today’s date 27.09.2021 and I had to manually change it to tomorrow? I changed it to 28.09.2021 because in this example I would launch a marketing campaign on 28.09 and I don’t want to include customers from 27.09.

Important to remember! In our example, I didn’t add a Customer account status filter. Make sure you set the Customer account status filter to Active account if you would like to offer discount codes to only new customers who have created an actual customer account in your store.

If you are wondering how to create a discount code for a new customer group then check our previous article about it

Feel free to contact us with any further questions!

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